It took me years to realize I needed to reset my formation. I joke with my girlfriends (now) how they’ve set back for years wondering why in the world I was driving myself into the ground. Outside looking it in, it was crazy and unhealthy to them. However, in my mind it made sense. I was doing me and everything I loved. But, when you are a super busy person, you have very little time to reflect and evaluate your unbalanced life and how you are spending your time and energy. You just keep going. I remember after giving birth to my son, I went in for my 6-week check-up and then my doctor asked me how I felt emotionally and if I had any postpartum depression. I remember looking at her thinking, wow! I honestly don’t know because I haven’t had a moment to think about anything as I was trying to keep up with a toddler, a newborn, a husband, coaching and my counseling job. My goal was to work until I went into labor (literally) because I wanted to prove to myself that going on maternity leave for 2 months wasn’t going put my coworkers in a bind (at the end of the school year) and make me feel guilty. So, I committed to bringing work home and completing tasks instead of leaving them behind. Please keep in mind that this foolishness was made up in my head and not a mandate. Just another unrealistic expectation I had placed on myself. I share this because here was another opportunity I missed to reset my formation. My maternity leave was a chance to bond with my newborn and enjoy this new blessing. Although I did that, I had once again I had overcommitted and not made the necessary formation change to put my family first 100%. Are you at a place of transition where you need to change your formation? What things are on your plate that you can shift to the back row or further down the line? Here is an exercise for you to try. Please come back and share your feedback.

1.Invest in a journal- (Of course, consider my HOPE Journal

#shameless plug)

Having a centralized place to jot down emotions, reflections, and thoughts are priceless.

1.Write out your current formation.

See example below

2. Identify what can shift. Not all formation changes have to be drastic. It can be as simple as not overcommitting, eating healthier (1 meal at a time), dissolving unhealthy relationships. Writing out short-term goals

3. Create a future formation – insert a goal or something you want to achieve. Come back and share your old vs new formation and how the transition to the new formation is coming along. Starting Formation God PhD Program Counseling Family Friends Coaching Goals

Transition: Marriage, Kids God

  • PhD Program Counseling
  • Family
  • Husband/Kids Friends Coaching
  • Goals

Transition: Reflection, Goal Setting, Self-Evaluation

  • Current Formation
  • God
  • Family Me Husband/Kids
  • Counseling
  • Coaching

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